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Sunday, August 8th, 2010
12:28 am

Well I guess the best way to start out a current journal entry is to list the biggest things to happen in my life lately:

Within the past 3 years:
1. Got the position of "Director" with the Sask Public Works Board. This was one of the proudest moments of the last year, corny as it may be- I'm proud to have been elected by my peers to a position.
2. Lost 2 friends to cancer.
3. Came back to Saskatchewan from Vancouver.
4. Got a job with Alberta Traffic Supply.
5. Left my previous job with K & F and said good bye to some o the most amazing people I have ever met.
6. Reconnected with some of my favorite websites like FTJ, Livejournal and GM forums to name a few.
7. Got married to Jen, my love and the person who completes my life.
8. Mason, my son was born. Our first child and one of the most important people in our lives right now.
9. My grandma passed away... Szerelem ön mindig Nagymama!!!
10. Finally made it out to Toronto- thanks to my work.
11. Bought a house, land.

    I guess looking at everything the most important thing up there is Mason- and getting married. I guess Mason would be the Number 1. It's the fact that I am now responsible for another human being. I look at things differently. I drive more carefully. I eat healthier. I watch my language more. Now that he's around I don't know what i would do without him. Getting married was a big step. I never saw that one coming. I always pictures myself staying single, and then I met Jen. The rest is history.

    I'll write some more another night- Mason's 2nd birthday party tomorrow, got lots to do.

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Tuesday, July 20th, 2010
11:05 pm - Time flys...
Wow... it has been a while since I last logged on here. This is almost like walking through a Museum.

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Thursday, May 6th, 2004
2:38 pm - Best times.
I'm sitting here thinking about all the good times from school this past year. And then comes Chemistry class. First class I have ever failed in University. It sucks ass to be very honest. The prof was a complete and udder moron. He would be teaching something and in the middle of it he would stop and say "opps. I think I made a mistake. Erase your last half page of notes". Then he would teach something completly different. UGGG! Thank God for Jen tutoring me, I may not have even understood a thing if it not for her.

Jen and I are doing great. 8 months today. It just does'nt seem that long ago. It was my birthday yeaterday. Her and the family were all over last night. I'm not even that excited about birthdays anymore. It was just cool to have Jen, my friends and family all over. Jen and I are going to be going to Edmonton this summer for a bit of a get away. I'll have to continue later. I have to go to work now. I'm back on nights.

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Saturday, February 21st, 2004
3:45 am - Spring Break No. 1
Well, we are on Spring break no. 1 and it is comming to an end this weekend. All the commitments I had of using the spare time doing homework, have instead, been spent on picking up extra hours at work, going shopping/ lunch with Jen, babysitting Kimberly, hanging out with Mike (Hav'nt seen him for almost a year).... so yah. The essay for GEOL 270 is still sitting on my bedroom floor. I have to admit I really enjoy my Geology classes. It's all the other damn Chemistry, Math, and physics classes I have to take that really suck. Other than that- school is good. I had 3 major articles last week that turned out really well. 2 of them were on construction- the other on parking problems.

Jen and I are doing well- we are going to be comming up to 6 months pretty soon. I can't believe we have been going out for so long. There is just one weird thing. We never argue. Not about a thing. We tease each other about things- but we never argue as in yelling at one another or anything like that. I was talking to Mike about that. He was'nt much help though because he said him and Shannon probably make up for all the arguing Jen and I don't do. Hehehe. But all in all, I really love Jen. She means alot to me.

Troy gets out of the hospital tommorow. He rolled/ wrapped his car around a poll the night of Regina's really bad blizzaed. I'm glad he at least made it out of that alive. Those 2 blizzards we had were stupid. The university got shut down, all the hiways were closed. just a really messed up situation.

Work is going alright. I won't be too thrilled to be there another 2 years while I get my degree though... I hope I'll be able to get back into the office. I would miss working with people, but at least it would be better paying. I am aplying for other summer jobs right now. Some with SaskTel (I know... don't say it Amy!!!), SGI, and Global News.

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Sunday, January 4th, 2004
4:09 am - New year is looking up.
Well, so far the new year is off to a good start. School is going good. I passed all my classes for semester 1. Even though I got a mercy pass from my Logic prof. I really enjoyed my Geology class. More than I thought originally as a matter of fact. I guess Geology could be a second avenue for me to explore if J-school does'nt work out for me. I did a bit of research and I found out that Geologists can make a 6 digit salary/ year easily. It is something I would probably enjoy- it's the extra year of school I don't like. Jen will be graduating a year ahead of me as is. She is talking that she wants to move out on her own as soon as she graduates. I can understand that. The problem I face is that I don't know if she would be interested in a 3rd or 4th year university student who still lives with his parents. I know it sounds stupid- but just something I came up with.

I've done a few more articles for the Carrilon too. I did one on a visit Lloyd Axworthy did to the U of R, and another on Fire prevention week. School comes back in on January 5th. Thats this monday. *sigh*. My parents are going to help me with my tuition for semester 2. It seems like everyone I talk to is running short on money for school.

Jen and I have been dating for 4 months now. I don't think I'm really that surprised. We get along so well- its weird. I don't think I said what Jen and I got one another for Christmas. Well, I got her a Crystal cube that has a airbrushing of a christmas tree in the center. I also got her a Old Navy fleece, and a long-sleeve shirt. Jen got me a new wallet, and a couple of t-shirts from Bluenotes. Christmas was pretty cool this year. One of the only Christmas were I have had a girlfriend to buy something for. Enough about that.

Before I go- New Years Eve- Jen was over at my house and we watched the count down in Niagra Falls, Ontario. We ate chocolate cake by candle light, and had some Smirnoff Ice and Arbour Mist. New Years was pretty quiet... to end the night we got to watch a fireworks display set off by one of our neighbours. He has been doing it for the past 6 years. This was the 7th. He knows what he is doing, I give him credit for that. Yah. It was a cool time.

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Thursday, October 9th, 2003
2:35 pm - Pets
My little sis's hampster died this morning. Of coarse it was the end of the world for her. Mom actually kept her home from school this morning.

My article for the school newspaper made the front page as well. Either Holly, Sandra, Chris, Matt, and Carlos thought it was really good... or they were still hung over from the night before and did'nt care where it went. I'm still proud though.

Had to tour some prospective students around the U of R today. Had lunch with Jenn, We'll be going out to do something on Friday. Have to work tonight, and I have lots of homework.

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Monday, October 6th, 2003
9:13 pm - Jenn and I
Well I have really been slipping on the LJ. Sorry about that.

I guess the first thing I should start off with is Jenn. Jenn is the girl I was set up on a blind date with by a co-worker and friend. Well, it is 1 month now since we went out on that date and things are really looking up. We really get along and have alot of fun together. People who know us say we are a perfect match. I myself can't seem to get over the fact that Jenn and I have been going out for a month now and I think she may very well be someone I was meant to be with. It sounds weird, but I never really believed in that "soul mate" crap and romance dribble. I guess I just always believed that you end up with someone you argue with the least. Sounds strange, but yah.

My cousin Mike is getting married to his girlfreind of 3 years, Christina. It's going to be a fistful of confussion having another Christina in the family. Hahaha. I think they make a really good couple. They get married on November the 8th. It is going to be a very interesting wedding. I've never been to one in the winter time.

School has been going really good. I forgot to do a english paper though. So I can just imagine how my grade is going to react. I think I have really cool Profs this semester. They make the classes interesting just by the way they talk, how they present the material, and I guess they just have a positive attitude. I've also finished my first couple of articles for the school newspaper as well. I'm doing News and current events. I just finished my last article on the University's counselling services. My editors really enjoyed it. They said I took to the writing very naturally. I'm off to class again. Be back later tonight.

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Monday, September 22nd, 2003
3:14 pm - Lots going on.....
Went out with Jenn again. Caught up with University work, Still in arbitration with SGI over my car that got totalled. Hmmmm.... Going out with some freinds tonight as well.... I'll catch up with you later.

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Saturday, September 6th, 2003
4:37 pm - Lots to do today:
Well, I started back at SaskTel today. Did'nt really do too much around the shop. Visit, have fun.

I also have a blind date tonight. One of my friends from work set me up with her. I just found out now that it is his girlfriend's older sister. This makes me a little bit nervous. I'll write about how it goes later tommorow.

Class is going really well. I think the Computer Science class is going to be a little bit too much this semester though. So I may drop that one and keep the other 4 classes. English class is going to be really awesome. We have a great prof. His name is father Frank O. Yes, he is a preist. Really nice guy. I'm also writing articles for the Carillon. It's the U of R newspaper. My first story is going to be on the construction around campus.

I'm thinking about quiting Boston Pizza. There is just so much going on, not just with school- but personally, that having a second job is really taking it's toll on me. It's been bothering me alot as of the late. I have only talked to Christina about it. I wish I had a way out of this mess.

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Sunday, August 31st, 2003
6:14 pm - Alana's questions:
Here are the questions I am supposed to answer for Alana.

The Rules of Engagement:
1. Leave a comment if you want to be interviewed.
2. I'll reply and give you five questions to answer.
3. You'll update your LJ with the five questions answered.
4. You'll include this explanation.
5. You ask other people five questions when they want to be interviewed. And it just keeps going, and going, and going.


1 - If you had two minutes to live and two dollars to spend, what would you buy? (and yes, I did say 2 dollars)
Buy a Dr. Pepper and drink it.

2 - If you were a groupie, who would you sleep with and why.
groupie??? Ah, I guess that means the types of people at my school?

3 - List five reasons why Canada sucks :)
Alana, Alana, Alana.....shame on you!
a) It is illegal for us to watch American T.V.... yet we do it anyways.
b) I like snow, but it gets really, REALLY cold.
c) Our government treats illegal immigrants like royalty here.
d) Our loud-mouthed, moron neighbours south of us. ;)
e) education costs.

4 - Whats your most abnormal character trait?
I am just always so full of energy, bouncing around and everything. Always happy no matter what.

5 - If you could make a miracle cure for an addiction, what addiction would you choose to rid the world of?
People addicted to narcotics. I've seen the social problems it creates....and it's not good. People waste their lives being addicted to crack.

current mood: ecstatic

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2:40 am - Going back to school.
Well, I'm back at University September the second. I have 4 classes. So basiclly, I'm full time now- which means I will also have less money. (That is usually the case with students). Being second year also means I am now in URAP (University of Regina Ambassador Program). It was lots of fun. I have to get to bed, so I will update tommorow.

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Friday, August 8th, 2003
2:37 am - Dad in Hospital
Well, Saturday night was pretty scary for me- and the rest of the family no doubt. I was working at BPs, and Kris called me to say my Mom was on the phone. I found it strange because I never get phone calls at work. I went and talked to my Mom and she told me my Dad got taken to the Hospital because he may have had a heart attack. I could'nt fucking believe it. I near about dropped the phone. She told me that he was in the hospital and that she was going up there to be with him. I told her I would be there as soon as I could and hung up the phone. I couls tell my Mom was upset- but she was pretty well under control. I started walking away when Dale and Eren asked me what was wrong and I told them that my Dad was in the hospital and he may have had a heart attack. Dale said something along the lines of "Are you serious?" I don't know if I said anything back to him... All I could think about was the fact that I had been putting off going out with Dad to the pool hall for a quick game. I had been putting it off for about a month now. I was sooo fucking upset over that. But Allyssa and Derick (the two managers on that night), told me I could leave right away. They were really cool and I really apreciate the fact they did that. So I left and went to the hospital.

As it turns out, Dad is ok. He had some heart burn from some checmicals he inhaled at Co-op, as well as a touch of heat exaustion... it presented the classic signs of a heart attack. He was more worried about when he would get out of there. Hahaha.

I'm really glad Dad is ok. I really can't see myself loosing him right now. I think it would really have a bigger impact on my sister then me. She's still young and needs to have both Mom and Dad around. God Bless Mom and Dad.

current mood: sad

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Monday, July 21st, 2003
2:27 am - Sorting hat...
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Often seen as a little childish, you'd rather
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Saturday, July 19th, 2003
3:20 am - Friday...
Well, really- fridays mean absolutly nothing to me anymore. I work on the weekends, and during the week. So really my workweek wraps around and never really ends. I worked today at Co-op, and tonight at Boston Pizza. I guess I can use the money anyhow.

I went to the bar tonight for the first time in a while. It's Peter's birthday today. I knew the girl at the door...so I did'nt have to pay cover charge. Bonus. I was there with Peter, Mellisa, Kelly, Anna, and a couple of people I still knew that worked with Putt at Budget. Fun night all in all.

I have to go out to the graveyard to water some of the flowers at Great-grandma/grandpa's and aunt/cousin's graves. I'm kind of dreading it... knowing that great grandma is going to be burried beside them now.

Ottawa is a no go... I repeat, Ottawa, Ontario is a complete no go. I'll explain later.

current mood: gloomy

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Monday, July 14th, 2003
2:07 am - One month update... lots been going on.
It has been a really stupid month as of the late. Well, first off and most important, my great-grandmother passed away this morning from the German-Australian side of the Geryk family. I'm not really all that sad either, because really- she lived to be 97 years old. As well, the last couple of years have been pretty hard on her and the family. She was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. The last couple of years really got to be a frustrasion for her. She would fight with the care home staff, forget who people were- she still knew who I was, like would reconize me to know I was part of the family, but she thought I was my uncle. I'm happy I got to know her. Some of my friends never even knew their parents, little lone their grandparents or great-grandparents.

My earliest memories of my Great Grandmother we of coarse my childhood- of a lady with a warm smile and comforting hug. A grandmother who had a passion for baking and making sure her grandkids got their fill when they were over visiting with mom and dad...even if was before supper time. :) One of the first people to show me how a grandfather clock worked, Grandma Geryk stoof me on a stool, and showed me all the gears and mechanical wonders that made the clock tick. It was from that point on a had a passion for wanting a grandfather clock... it reminds me of grandma Geryk.

I remember the days of when Grandma Geryk and grandpa Paul had their ouse on Lindsey Street, in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. It was there that our family was a central hub of acivity and conversation. Erick, Brett, and most of us older kids would be running around the house, in a fit of energy or outside playing in grandma's yard. Our younger cousins, yet to walk on their own two feet were the pre-meal conversation piece of how fast the children grew up and how time flys. My Uncles would be crowded around a relative's new Buick, investigating the newest technological advances of the time and marveling at the mechanical wonders of the various family vehicles. My Aunts and grandparents on the other hand- busy with converstion about up-comming marriages and events the family had planned together.

Meal time came, and a sence of pride was evident on my great-gradmothers face as she saw the enjoyment of the family from a quality- defined meal... more of a artwork for each person to enjoy. Perhaps it was also a little of the anticipation for my grandmother's desert... the desert that she had presented to the grand-kids well before the first coarse of our meal. I'll always hold close to my heart the memories and good times of my grandmother, who I will forever love for her warmth and kindness. They say that you take something from everyone you come into contact with while growing up, and it helps you grow as a person, to define who you are. If that is the case, I can only hope I will take as much of my great-grandmother as possible and carry that through-out my life, to pass onto another generation. For that, I think this world would be a much better place.

current mood: sad

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Tuesday, June 24th, 2003
9:56 am - Back home again...
Sorry I hav'nt updated in a while. I'm really busy right now, with work and family. I have enough money saved up for next year of University. You can imagine how thrilled I am about that. Grandpa is doing much more better now. He is in a care home and out of the damn hospital. He was on a good ward- but he really wanted to get out of there, you know how hospitals are.

Saskatoon (AKA: Toon Town) was awesome!!! The people were ok, the city is beautiful, and the conference went off without any major snags.

I stayed in The Saskatoon Inn with my parents. They were one floor down and 6 rooms over. The room they had was cooler though- they had a hot tub. Ken from Regina was on my floor. He's in the grocery end of Co-op. The hotel staff was great, with the exception of the night security guard. He was a asshole. However, Ken and a couple of pharmacists told me that since Co-op had the hotel booked out for a week, the hotel staff was'nt going to do anything to piss anyone off. The entire hotel, as well as 9 other ones in the city were full of Co-op and Federated people. Ken hated the security guard. The one night I was racing my remote control car down by the lounge area by the pool. It was me and a couple of girls from Manitoba there. The security guard came up to me and said, "Excise me sir, I'm going to have to get you to take that outside of the hotel". to which I replied, "No- tuff luck". HAHAHA. The look on that security guards face was pricelss. He just left me alone after that. However, the next night I was letting my little sister play with it, and he came up to us again and just asked us not to come into the main lobby with it, this time in a much more polite tone. So I agreed.

We have got alot more ideas on the retail side of things now- but I was surprised there was'nt more things aimed at propane sales and service. There was a TON of grocery stuff. They had a entire grocery store set up just for the conference, Of corse I went in there just to check things out. The bakery staff let me into the kitchen they had set up and let me make some cinnamin twists. I also got to take home a case of apple pies. lol.

I met alot of good people from all accross Canada and the U.S. I also got to drive a Freightliner M-2 115 5-Ton transport truck for a while. It was hillarious! But I don't know how those truckers can stand to be in trucks for 10 hours a day.

In the end it was sad saying good bye to all the new friends I made there, and the atmosphere I had adjusted to, in that I mean being in a hotel for a week and going to meetings all day long. The next conference in in 4 and a half years. I don't think I will still be in Co-op by then. Maybe I will, maybe I won't, I really don't know. I hope I'm done school by then. That is a long way away.

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Thursday, June 5th, 2003
8:13 pm - Going to the conference
Well, I'm going to be in Saskatoon for the next week on a conference for work. Free meals, hotel, ect. Very interesting. My parents will be comming up as well. I've never been to Saskatoon. A couple of weeks after that, I'll be in Swift Current for a follow-up with some other people. The week after that, I'll be in Edmonton. God, I'm gonna miss soo much work. :)

I bought a really cool shirt and tie, as well as a remote control car. I figure, hey... I have to look professional at the conference. However, I'm still a little kid at heart- might as well get myself some toys. Hehehe.

My time constraints with work and home are really starting to get to me. I hav'nt been able to go out with some of my freinds, OR go visit some of the family. Grandpa is still in the hospital. I'm worried that he will not recover very well and will be sent to a care home. That reminds me, I'll give grandma a phone call and see how things are going with her.

If you have seen some of my previous entries, you will know about Jessica. Jess is a girl on my street that evidently, has a HUGE crush on me. She is really cute, funny, and smart- one problem- she is 17, and the little sister of a friend. Not a good situation. I told her once that I really was not interested in her, but never the less, she still comes and talks to me. Talks- not flirts...much. I think the youngest person I would seriously date would be in the 18 to 19 range. Nope, no girlfriend for me...for now, that is.

current mood: pleased

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Monday, May 19th, 2003
2:31 pm - Long Weekend
Well, it has been a pretty peaceful long weekend in Saskatchewan. Amy and Christina had some of their friends out at the farm camping out. At least they did'nt get tooo drunk. I did'nt really do anything myself. I was either working, or ripping apart my other car getting it ready for insurance to take it.

Something that has been bothering me alot lately is all the shit going down at the Co-op. People being arested, charges being laid. People being fired. Money "dissapearing"... Oh, and the fact that some of the retail advisers don't give a rats ass about all the shit going down...it really bothers me. My parents fired a kid for stealing the other day. That was kind of messed up. The other night at a different service station site, I guess a kid went and decided just to pack up everything he could in the store and take off. Yah, he jammed his truck with all the stock, cash, and whatnot that he could and made off with it. It is kind of funny when you think about it- but that is just soo messed up! I am rathur bored working at Co-op. There are still a ton of cool people left, but I don't like working there.

On the other hand, Boston Pizza is working out really good. Dale (one of the other guys there), is beginning to be a real pain in the ass. He was screaming at everyone in the kitchen the other night about the bill times, then one of the new girls dropped a plate. He was yelling about that. Then Josh screwed up an order, Dale was sreaming about that. Then I droped a pasta out of my hand- on to the floor. Dale got all pissed off about that. It was a bad night anyways. Chris Greer, Really cool guy by the way, told Dale to relax. Dale responded by saying that he wants to get the kitchen running better- that he thinks people are screwing up too much. Then Greer told him in front of everyone in the kitchen "Dale, people are having a bad day- would you rathur have the kitchen run MAYBE a little better, or have people hate you?" That shut Dale up pretty quick. Dale is a nice guy- just a little too overbearing.

Another thing that is kind of weird at work- why are all the girls saying that I'm the cutest guy at BPs? Like... I mean, if they said I was Hot, or sexy, it would be a differnt storey... but cute?

current mood: refreshed

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Saturday, May 10th, 2003
10:49 pm - Happy Birthday me.
It was my Birthday on May 5th. If you did'nt know about it, that is probably because I really did'nt do anything for it. I went to dinner with my parents and little sister, to Tony Roma's. I love that place. Had a couple of drinks with some friends at work (who also had birthdays close to mine). As far as presents go, I really did'nt care what I got. I'm not a very possesive person to be honest. I got some more money for school and a couple of shirts though- so that was cool.

I missed my little sister's first soccer game, so that really pissed me off. I really hav'nt had much time for anything lately. I can just imagine how it is going to be when I get back to school. Something will have to give. A package I sent to a friend in Australia got sent back again, for the second time. I don't know why the hell Canada Post has a problem with it. I'll try re-mailing it again on Monday using Fed-Ex or something. Alana is going to be super pissed at me. Sorry! :(

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Thursday, May 1st, 2003
10:05 am - I fell behind.

I can't believe I fell behind on my LJ. Well, there has been alot developing lately.

Work is going alright. Jon is makiing everyone switch stations. It is'nt going over very well, so yah. Oh, and we have 4 new girls starting this week. This will be interesting.

As well, Amy's little sister is still trying to get out of her parents house. She hates her parents, her parents hate her- Yet, when she goes to live with Amanda or Amy, then her parents call the cops and report her as a runaway. What a messed up situation that is.

I registered for University yesterday too! I have 4 classes. Geology 102, Logic 112, Phsycology 100, and English 100. I actually am not registered for psych, but I am waitlisted right now. I will probably get it. I have preference over the high school students- so thats a bonus. The campus at the U of R is changing quite a bit. There is a ton of construction around there and alot of new people too. God, I hope I have enough money saved up for my classes. That is my biggest fear- not having the funds ready for school.

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