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I fell behind.


I can't believe I fell behind on my LJ. Well, there has been alot developing lately.

Work is going alright. Jon is makiing everyone switch stations. It is'nt going over very well, so yah. Oh, and we have 4 new girls starting this week. This will be interesting.

As well, Amy's little sister is still trying to get out of her parents house. She hates her parents, her parents hate her- Yet, when she goes to live with Amanda or Amy, then her parents call the cops and report her as a runaway. What a messed up situation that is.

I registered for University yesterday too! I have 4 classes. Geology 102, Logic 112, Phsycology 100, and English 100. I actually am not registered for psych, but I am waitlisted right now. I will probably get it. I have preference over the high school students- so thats a bonus. The campus at the U of R is changing quite a bit. There is a ton of construction around there and alot of new people too. God, I hope I have enough money saved up for my classes. That is my biggest fear- not having the funds ready for school.
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