Taters (cam99) wrote,

Happy Birthday me.

It was my Birthday on May 5th. If you did'nt know about it, that is probably because I really did'nt do anything for it. I went to dinner with my parents and little sister, to Tony Roma's. I love that place. Had a couple of drinks with some friends at work (who also had birthdays close to mine). As far as presents go, I really did'nt care what I got. I'm not a very possesive person to be honest. I got some more money for school and a couple of shirts though- so that was cool.

I missed my little sister's first soccer game, so that really pissed me off. I really hav'nt had much time for anything lately. I can just imagine how it is going to be when I get back to school. Something will have to give. A package I sent to a friend in Australia got sent back again, for the second time. I don't know why the hell Canada Post has a problem with it. I'll try re-mailing it again on Monday using Fed-Ex or something. Alana is going to be super pissed at me. Sorry! :(
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