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Long Weekend

Well, it has been a pretty peaceful long weekend in Saskatchewan. Amy and Christina had some of their friends out at the farm camping out. At least they did'nt get tooo drunk. I did'nt really do anything myself. I was either working, or ripping apart my other car getting it ready for insurance to take it.

Something that has been bothering me alot lately is all the shit going down at the Co-op. People being arested, charges being laid. People being fired. Money "dissapearing"... Oh, and the fact that some of the retail advisers don't give a rats ass about all the shit going down...it really bothers me. My parents fired a kid for stealing the other day. That was kind of messed up. The other night at a different service station site, I guess a kid went and decided just to pack up everything he could in the store and take off. Yah, he jammed his truck with all the stock, cash, and whatnot that he could and made off with it. It is kind of funny when you think about it- but that is just soo messed up! I am rathur bored working at Co-op. There are still a ton of cool people left, but I don't like working there.

On the other hand, Boston Pizza is working out really good. Dale (one of the other guys there), is beginning to be a real pain in the ass. He was screaming at everyone in the kitchen the other night about the bill times, then one of the new girls dropped a plate. He was yelling about that. Then Josh screwed up an order, Dale was sreaming about that. Then I droped a pasta out of my hand- on to the floor. Dale got all pissed off about that. It was a bad night anyways. Chris Greer, Really cool guy by the way, told Dale to relax. Dale responded by saying that he wants to get the kitchen running better- that he thinks people are screwing up too much. Then Greer told him in front of everyone in the kitchen "Dale, people are having a bad day- would you rathur have the kitchen run MAYBE a little better, or have people hate you?" That shut Dale up pretty quick. Dale is a nice guy- just a little too overbearing.

Another thing that is kind of weird at work- why are all the girls saying that I'm the cutest guy at BPs? Like... I mean, if they said I was Hot, or sexy, it would be a differnt storey... but cute?
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