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Back home again...

Sorry I hav'nt updated in a while. I'm really busy right now, with work and family. I have enough money saved up for next year of University. You can imagine how thrilled I am about that. Grandpa is doing much more better now. He is in a care home and out of the damn hospital. He was on a good ward- but he really wanted to get out of there, you know how hospitals are.

Saskatoon (AKA: Toon Town) was awesome!!! The people were ok, the city is beautiful, and the conference went off without any major snags.

I stayed in The Saskatoon Inn with my parents. They were one floor down and 6 rooms over. The room they had was cooler though- they had a hot tub. Ken from Regina was on my floor. He's in the grocery end of Co-op. The hotel staff was great, with the exception of the night security guard. He was a asshole. However, Ken and a couple of pharmacists told me that since Co-op had the hotel booked out for a week, the hotel staff was'nt going to do anything to piss anyone off. The entire hotel, as well as 9 other ones in the city were full of Co-op and Federated people. Ken hated the security guard. The one night I was racing my remote control car down by the lounge area by the pool. It was me and a couple of girls from Manitoba there. The security guard came up to me and said, "Excise me sir, I'm going to have to get you to take that outside of the hotel". to which I replied, "No- tuff luck". HAHAHA. The look on that security guards face was pricelss. He just left me alone after that. However, the next night I was letting my little sister play with it, and he came up to us again and just asked us not to come into the main lobby with it, this time in a much more polite tone. So I agreed.

We have got alot more ideas on the retail side of things now- but I was surprised there was'nt more things aimed at propane sales and service. There was a TON of grocery stuff. They had a entire grocery store set up just for the conference, Of corse I went in there just to check things out. The bakery staff let me into the kitchen they had set up and let me make some cinnamin twists. I also got to take home a case of apple pies. lol.

I met alot of good people from all accross Canada and the U.S. I also got to drive a Freightliner M-2 115 5-Ton transport truck for a while. It was hillarious! But I don't know how those truckers can stand to be in trucks for 10 hours a day.

In the end it was sad saying good bye to all the new friends I made there, and the atmosphere I had adjusted to, in that I mean being in a hotel for a week and going to meetings all day long. The next conference in in 4 and a half years. I don't think I will still be in Co-op by then. Maybe I will, maybe I won't, I really don't know. I hope I'm done school by then. That is a long way away.
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