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One month update... lots been going on.

It has been a really stupid month as of the late. Well, first off and most important, my great-grandmother passed away this morning from the German-Australian side of the Geryk family. I'm not really all that sad either, because really- she lived to be 97 years old. As well, the last couple of years have been pretty hard on her and the family. She was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. The last couple of years really got to be a frustrasion for her. She would fight with the care home staff, forget who people were- she still knew who I was, like would reconize me to know I was part of the family, but she thought I was my uncle. I'm happy I got to know her. Some of my friends never even knew their parents, little lone their grandparents or great-grandparents.

My earliest memories of my Great Grandmother we of coarse my childhood- of a lady with a warm smile and comforting hug. A grandmother who had a passion for baking and making sure her grandkids got their fill when they were over visiting with mom and dad...even if was before supper time. :) One of the first people to show me how a grandfather clock worked, Grandma Geryk stoof me on a stool, and showed me all the gears and mechanical wonders that made the clock tick. It was from that point on a had a passion for wanting a grandfather clock... it reminds me of grandma Geryk.

I remember the days of when Grandma Geryk and grandpa Paul had their ouse on Lindsey Street, in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. It was there that our family was a central hub of acivity and conversation. Erick, Brett, and most of us older kids would be running around the house, in a fit of energy or outside playing in grandma's yard. Our younger cousins, yet to walk on their own two feet were the pre-meal conversation piece of how fast the children grew up and how time flys. My Uncles would be crowded around a relative's new Buick, investigating the newest technological advances of the time and marveling at the mechanical wonders of the various family vehicles. My Aunts and grandparents on the other hand- busy with converstion about up-comming marriages and events the family had planned together.

Meal time came, and a sence of pride was evident on my great-gradmothers face as she saw the enjoyment of the family from a quality- defined meal... more of a artwork for each person to enjoy. Perhaps it was also a little of the anticipation for my grandmother's desert... the desert that she had presented to the grand-kids well before the first coarse of our meal. I'll always hold close to my heart the memories and good times of my grandmother, who I will forever love for her warmth and kindness. They say that you take something from everyone you come into contact with while growing up, and it helps you grow as a person, to define who you are. If that is the case, I can only hope I will take as much of my great-grandmother as possible and carry that through-out my life, to pass onto another generation. For that, I think this world would be a much better place.
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