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Well, really- fridays mean absolutly nothing to me anymore. I work on the weekends, and during the week. So really my workweek wraps around and never really ends. I worked today at Co-op, and tonight at Boston Pizza. I guess I can use the money anyhow.

I went to the bar tonight for the first time in a while. It's Peter's birthday today. I knew the girl at the door...so I did'nt have to pay cover charge. Bonus. I was there with Peter, Mellisa, Kelly, Anna, and a couple of people I still knew that worked with Putt at Budget. Fun night all in all.

I have to go out to the graveyard to water some of the flowers at Great-grandma/grandpa's and aunt/cousin's graves. I'm kind of dreading it... knowing that great grandma is going to be burried beside them now.

Ottawa is a no go... I repeat, Ottawa, Ontario is a complete no go. I'll explain later.
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