Taters (cam99) wrote,

Lots to do today:

Well, I started back at SaskTel today. Did'nt really do too much around the shop. Visit, have fun.

I also have a blind date tonight. One of my friends from work set me up with her. I just found out now that it is his girlfriend's older sister. This makes me a little bit nervous. I'll write about how it goes later tommorow.

Class is going really well. I think the Computer Science class is going to be a little bit too much this semester though. So I may drop that one and keep the other 4 classes. English class is going to be really awesome. We have a great prof. His name is father Frank O. Yes, he is a preist. Really nice guy. I'm also writing articles for the Carillon. It's the U of R newspaper. My first story is going to be on the construction around campus.

I'm thinking about quiting Boston Pizza. There is just so much going on, not just with school- but personally, that having a second job is really taking it's toll on me. It's been bothering me alot as of the late. I have only talked to Christina about it. I wish I had a way out of this mess.
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