Taters (cam99) wrote,

Jenn and I

Well I have really been slipping on the LJ. Sorry about that.

I guess the first thing I should start off with is Jenn. Jenn is the girl I was set up on a blind date with by a co-worker and friend. Well, it is 1 month now since we went out on that date and things are really looking up. We really get along and have alot of fun together. People who know us say we are a perfect match. I myself can't seem to get over the fact that Jenn and I have been going out for a month now and I think she may very well be someone I was meant to be with. It sounds weird, but I never really believed in that "soul mate" crap and romance dribble. I guess I just always believed that you end up with someone you argue with the least. Sounds strange, but yah.

My cousin Mike is getting married to his girlfreind of 3 years, Christina. It's going to be a fistful of confussion having another Christina in the family. Hahaha. I think they make a really good couple. They get married on November the 8th. It is going to be a very interesting wedding. I've never been to one in the winter time.

School has been going really good. I forgot to do a english paper though. So I can just imagine how my grade is going to react. I think I have really cool Profs this semester. They make the classes interesting just by the way they talk, how they present the material, and I guess they just have a positive attitude. I've also finished my first couple of articles for the school newspaper as well. I'm doing News and current events. I just finished my last article on the University's counselling services. My editors really enjoyed it. They said I took to the writing very naturally. I'm off to class again. Be back later tonight.
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