Taters (cam99) wrote,

Spring Break No. 1

Well, we are on Spring break no. 1 and it is comming to an end this weekend. All the commitments I had of using the spare time doing homework, have instead, been spent on picking up extra hours at work, going shopping/ lunch with Jen, babysitting Kimberly, hanging out with Mike (Hav'nt seen him for almost a year).... so yah. The essay for GEOL 270 is still sitting on my bedroom floor. I have to admit I really enjoy my Geology classes. It's all the other damn Chemistry, Math, and physics classes I have to take that really suck. Other than that- school is good. I had 3 major articles last week that turned out really well. 2 of them were on construction- the other on parking problems.

Jen and I are doing well- we are going to be comming up to 6 months pretty soon. I can't believe we have been going out for so long. There is just one weird thing. We never argue. Not about a thing. We tease each other about things- but we never argue as in yelling at one another or anything like that. I was talking to Mike about that. He was'nt much help though because he said him and Shannon probably make up for all the arguing Jen and I don't do. Hehehe. But all in all, I really love Jen. She means alot to me.

Troy gets out of the hospital tommorow. He rolled/ wrapped his car around a poll the night of Regina's really bad blizzaed. I'm glad he at least made it out of that alive. Those 2 blizzards we had were stupid. The university got shut down, all the hiways were closed. just a really messed up situation.

Work is going alright. I won't be too thrilled to be there another 2 years while I get my degree though... I hope I'll be able to get back into the office. I would miss working with people, but at least it would be better paying. I am aplying for other summer jobs right now. Some with SaskTel (I know... don't say it Amy!!!), SGI, and Global News.
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