Taters (cam99) wrote,

Best times.

I'm sitting here thinking about all the good times from school this past year. And then comes Chemistry class. First class I have ever failed in University. It sucks ass to be very honest. The prof was a complete and udder moron. He would be teaching something and in the middle of it he would stop and say "opps. I think I made a mistake. Erase your last half page of notes". Then he would teach something completly different. UGGG! Thank God for Jen tutoring me, I may not have even understood a thing if it not for her.

Jen and I are doing great. 8 months today. It just does'nt seem that long ago. It was my birthday yeaterday. Her and the family were all over last night. I'm not even that excited about birthdays anymore. It was just cool to have Jen, my friends and family all over. Jen and I are going to be going to Edmonton this summer for a bit of a get away. I'll have to continue later. I have to go to work now. I'm back on nights.
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